Monday, 22 June 2009

Off to Andorra

When I get back I'll have some of my own photos to put onlne, maybe even of Dr. Caycedo himself! Although it is now mostly his daughter who teaches, he was born in 1932, which makes him the same age as my mum.

Sooo, how do I feel? Well, excited and also a bit apprehensive. Will I be able to hear? Will I be able to follow? I've sent a mail explaining my hearing problems, and asking for a reserved seat, so I hope that that will be okay. Also, as it is in French with a Spanish accent, by all accounts, that might just complicate things for me.

Excited, hey chaps, this is something that I really enjoy, that is helping me in my everyday life, and that is the most important thing

As they say in France...affaire à suivre....

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