Saturday, 26 December 2009


As we reach the end of the year, I am trying to look forward to my goals for the next one. And plan to reach them.

Specific....not get healthy, lose weight etc, but walk every day, lose on average a pound a week, untill I reach my goal weight
Also, do Sophrology every day, to help me reach these goals. problem here. I can measure my progress on Spark Points.

Action oriented....I think that this is the key for me, to really write down a plan, to find the missing link between thought and deed.

Realistic and Relevant....again, I think crash diets, and no plannning for a marathon

Time based......yes, specific mini goals should help


Friday, 4 December 2009

The great outdoors....a voyage into my past..the early years

Having joined a community devoted to the great outdoors, It made me think of my own past and possibly also some of my "regrets", not to dwell on them, but to see what I can do now, that I didn't do then.

My early life was certainly very outdoors. Until the age of five we lived almost on Thurso beach. Our back wall seperated the garden from the esplanade. I remember showing my early prediliction for the law, when having been forbidden from crossing directly over "our" wall, I went first into the neighbours garden, and over "their" wall. I recently saw why the prohibition had been put into place when visiting Thurso, and I was that the wall must be about 7 or 8 feet high. My playground was the beach, the rocks, and the cliffs.

Next stop was Scallaway. Again, near the sea, opposite the old harbour, and just round the corner from the play park, with swings, slides etc. The summer paddling pool was used for roller skating in the winter. We were in the swimming club, even though I couldn't swim.

When we moved to Lerwick, it seemed to be a long way from the sea, maybe five minutes? The rocks were our playground, and we used our imagination; the inner Hebridees were en route to the outer, which took quite a jump. Activities included horseriding, and whilst my elder sister actually won medals, I got the badge for the potato race. This involved getting off the animal, picking up a potato, riding across a field, and dropping it into a pail. I was the youngest in the club, and had to be helped on and off the shetland pony!
The was also Clikimin Broch

The year I left children under eight were not allowed on their own. This photo sees it beautifully restored. However we had so much fun there.