Friday, 20 March 2009

Not quite what I had in mind......

The day before yesterday I activated a project, really activated lose weight and get more exercise. I don't think that what happened was really an answer.... a nasty bout of gastro, I have *lost* 2.5 kgs and got plenty exercise running to the loo, every hour during the night.

Still, it made me think about my project, and the book I am reading reinforced it.. any changes have to come from me, there is no magic pill, it is down to my determination and the positive thinking that sophro brings with it.

I have been trying to come up with an explanation of what sophro is for me, away from the scientific basis that it has. For me it is a way of active relaxation that helps me to get into the state of mind where I can influence my future. I hope that I can find a simpler way to explain it later, but for the moment that will have to do.

As I drink my tea this morning, I know that *those* lost kilos will come flooding back, but the insights that I had yesterday, in between dozing, shall stay. And the kilos that I am going to lose as from here on in, will really be lost. And the exercise will be a bit more targeted, so that I reach my objective of a healthy weight, and a toned body.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Getting rid of Perfectionism

I had wanted to give a chronological account of my sophrology weekends, but I realise that that is the perfectionist in me raising its ugly head; and even more so the twin of procrastination.

So instead I shall write about the weekend that I have just enjoyed.

This was in Grenoble, with a group of ladies that I have go to know over the last year or so. We are now the second years. This weekend we worked on the RDC 4 and it was mind blowing, really really strong. It was also the first time I had fallen asleep during an exercise which really annoyed me. But that's life!

We worked on energy, and values. It made me think, really think, and not surprisingly what came up for me was individuality, the responsibility, but also the's bit like flylady and flying, i.e. finally loving yourself. I also thought about Desiderata, that old studenty thing for me "I am a Child of the Universe" I found it in French, and shared it with the others on the second day. They loved it is very sophro!

Sophrology brings together so many threads, and gives a way for me to actually do something. At the very very least I have learned some strong relaxation techniques, so strong I even fell asleep!