Sunday, 14 November 2010

Where I am now

Well, sophrology has been a big bit of my recent life. I have finished the training in Andorra, and am now a Speacialised Masters in Caycedian Sophrology. And I am am my own best advert as fas as stress managment goes.

Just before I came to the end of my formal training, I had a powerful example of just how important sophrology was in my life, and just how far I had integrated it, at least on certain levels. The school where I had worked for almost 14 years was threatened with closure. It was not an easy time, the school was small, and we were close. Our principal financier, and the entity which had originally founded us, decided to withdraw all funding. Moreover, even though they were setting up another school, they refused to employ any of us. This latest had followed a series of events, meetings, etc, where we were told that we would know within a fortnight etc etc etc. To everyone’s surprise, not least my own, I was calm, serene; I shared practices with certain colleagues, those who seemed to have the hardest time dealing with the situation; I shared the serenity prayer with all my colleagues; and I tried to put it into practice.

Since then we have had the redunancy notices, my job is safe,at least until the end of the academic year. However, my nightmare scenario has come to pass, and my immediate boss is leaving, along with nearly half of the permanent members of staff.

The next few months are going to be trying for me, the atmosphere is not likely to be great etc etc etc. However, a friend send me this quote today "some of the most terrible things in my life, never even happened", Mark Twain... Add to that the book I have just finished, Man's Search for Meaning by Voctor Frankl, one that is well worth reading, and holds a real meaning for me.

So where I am now? Well, in a time of change, trying to use the tools at my dispositions, and working on several projects of my own, preparing myself for the next stage in my professional life.

And I've decided on this for my website, etc
now I need to take a decent photo of it!