Friday, 12 June 2009

Grrrr Trains!

We took the train to Lyon Saturday, and had problems, and dd 1 is on the last leg of a trip back from Lyon as I write....she had gone for a day trip, to see a Harry Potter exhibition. Yes, in France. Dd2 had been to the cinema in Bourg, and we had planned that they were to be picked up at the same time more or less.
I'm not sure how many phone calls there have been, the train was 20 minutes late, then 2 hours late, get the picture. Dd 1's bf isn't keen on driving at night in the town, so we both went for dd2, so that he could see where to pick dd1 up later. As we walked in the door, the phone rang. The train had arrived. had we known we could have made just one trip...and not wasted time, deisel etc. It hadn't just contributed to global warming, the air had been a bit blue here aswell!
Not terribly sophro.......

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