Saturday, 13 June 2009

No to the pity party

I woke up this morning feeling *decidely* sorry for myself; sinusites and throbbing eye, coughed during the night with asthma, sweated so much I have whorls on my fingers.....the perimenapause is not somewhere for sissies, to paraphrase a quote. And then I thought about BJ, with whom I am carrying on an on line corresspondence. Her goal is to get fit after surviving being hit, as a pedestrian, by an articulated lorry. I'm worrying about a throbbing in my eye....she has lost the sight in hers. I'm feeling a tad sorry for myself that I have to work on a Saturday....her state of health means that she can't work. And then a mail from her, where she says "The best thing my orthopedic surgeon told me was I would never be able to use my arm much. That only gave me the mindset to prove him wrong. I am already doing more with it than anyone ever expected."

There are so many ordinary people out there, and here, who manage to just live, to take the positive, where others would just turn their backs to the wall. I don't think that they realise the positive good that they do in the world. I can think of a few "angels on earth"; they would be horrified that I could think of them like that.

I also thought of a line in my triple murders last night, but nordic walking with one of my sons. There was a steep hill and another walker showed us it could be a lovely slide.....and he also said just to live the judgments no preconceptions. It was great fun going down the slide, like skiing or canyoning.

But now to shower (I am no shrinking violet this morning) and then off to supervise the TOEIC)

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