Saturday, 13 June 2009

2 years on

I wrote and read this poem when we planted Kai's tree at Coldbackie, last summer.......

For Kai, at the planting of his tree

With what colour will I fill the space left when you went away?
That is the question I can ask, today and every day.
The answer I can choose, it is not set in stone;
The choice is mine to make, me and me alone.

Black was the space when you went away, an absence of all light,
A void that drained all energy absorbed so much of might.
That will not do, not sparkling white, nor even shades of gray.
I shall choose bright colours, to illuminate my day.

The colours that I chose represent some of my memories of you,
Not easy to reduce your life into a verse or two.
But I shall try to paint some pictures with my words,
And evoke some images to balance out the hurt.

Red for love, fire castles, roses, sunsets of every hue;
Yellow for spring, sunshine, Marie Curie daffodils too;
Pink for sweeties, bubblegum, frothing cremola foam;
Green for fields, new life, trees tenderly cared for by mum.

Orange the fruit, monks robes, 60’s pop art patterns,
Purple the music, passion, things for you that matter.
Blue the sea and dolphins and peace within my heart.
This rainbow of colours is however only a start.

The colours ebb and flow, a real kaleidoscope,
This rainbow of souvenirs is also a symbol of hope.
And we have also here other memories of you
In Katrin, Kai Scott, Keira, and our Sonny too.

Our lives continue despite your early departure,
The best of you lives on embodied in your four.
You are always with us through their very presence
Our memories of you, past future and present.

With what colour will you fill the space left when he went away?
That is the question you can ask, today and every day.
The answer you can choose, it is not set in stone;
The choice is yours to make, you and you alone.

And here I have stolen my other brother's blog

Kai's tree

Kai's tree, originally uploaded by ccgd.

We interred Kai's ashes at Coldbackie back in August, the first time that the whole family could get together at the croft house almost 14 months after his death. His kids then planted a tree - a rather nice red bitter sweet crab apple (sums up Kai I suppose) - over his final resting place.

A funny/sad/happy/difficult/cool sort of occasion. But it worked.

Oh and have a look at the Kai Davidson Trust website - its all good stuff.

And he made the dead rock stars website. Now that is funny.

Midges were hellish though........

See him at the entry of sep 22nd 2008

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