Wednesday, 17 June 2009

home part 2

My spiritual home. The only place that has been there for all my life. The thread that links my children to Scotland. My French LO adores the place. It is where my parents are at the moment. And my father is, to put it mildly, a tad concerned about my mother's health, as are her friends. Freaking out might be a better description. I am worried, but that is not helpful in the least.

This is when I wonder where my home really is, I am a long way away, by European standards. Mind you, Coldabackie is a long way from anywhere by those standards! My every day is not attuned to my roots.

Language is more important than you can imagine, particularly if you are native English speaking. . For the refugees in Scotland refugee week, I cannot imagine; the language, the weather (Scottish weather is not like anywhere that a refugee might come from!) the many things.

And linked to that I have another problem, my hearing. I am recognised as a handicapped worker here in France. My ENT specialist's are surprised that I can cope so well in my first, never mind my second language. Think then of the handicapped person, who does not have the family background that I have: the example of a sister who despite being considered deaf in most people's points of view, has lived her life to the full; I admire her so much, even if sometimes she is a bit of a pain! lol Ask her and she will say that I am the bossiest person out. In a wonderful Scottish vernacular my response is "Aye, Right!"

I am working on a translation at work about migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers. That makes me think even more about where I really answer for the moment!

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