Wednesday, 17 June 2009

awareness or consciousness

I as I was walking yesterday, I had various little mantras going through my brain. The first was "I am going to get fit"...4/4 time works quite well. Then I started (over)intellectualising.....something I am prone to do and having been teaching the future tenses, thought again that "going to" could mean an intention rather than real plan. So my next attempt was "I am working on getting fit". Much better in the idea as it is something I am doing now, not in future. But not so good on the 4/4 time. I had also been working on a translation where the work "maitriser" came up... it means to Master. Sophrology and early science fiction ideas came to mind, the next phrase was "I am Master of my fate". I can chose, if I am aware/conscious. Sometimes I don't really want to be, as that is all about taking responsability. My last one made me smile, and that is good.

I am Master of my Weight!

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