Friday, 3 July 2009

Back home......

Here you can see Prof Caycedo, and his daughter, also a psychiatrist. (Pity about the computers, but that's modern presentations for you). It was Natalia who gave most of the classes, Prof Caycedo came in on the last morning. It was still very interesting to hear his description of the birth of Sophrology, and the whole thing has confirmed me in my desire to go right up to the end, and get my specialised masters. I also realised that there is rather a dearth of native English speakers, when I asked for contacts, the only one they could give was was the lady in London, with whom I have already been in contact, and she is not a native English speaker.

I had asked to be seated at the front, because of my hearing problem, and they very kindly saved a seat from me (and two other ladies in the same position). We arrived slightly late, and when my friends got a seat at the back, I was escorted, dark glasses and all, to the front. At the end of the first session a very handsome young man came to talk to me. However, once he discovered that I wasn't even someone important, he didn't even say hello after that! Not very sophro.

We worked on sounds, which I found very helpful. The vibrations really seemed to help me, especially my third system. It was tiring though! We were all exhausted at the end of the day. And we have to write a report and a dissertation before September. I am lucky, they will accept it in English. In fact, I think that they are quite happy to have it in English, as the translation does not yet exist. It makes it more difficult for me to do research, but there are lots of mind/body books available. In fact I am currently reading one by Herbert Benson, Timeless Healing, which talks about Remembered Wellness. I've only just started, but I am sure that there are things in common.

I also shall be working on protocols on accepting bodies/loving oneself for the NEWO group. I need to sit down and write on my plan, when I shall get things done etc.

So time for me to get off the blog, for the moment. however, one of the things we had to write about was our trip to, and our impressions of Andorra. That could be my next blog, and a way of killing two birds with the same stone!

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