Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Using Sophrology to increase Commitment to getting Fit

This is the beginning of the NEWO fitness challenge 5. Jonathan says that any day can be our January 1st, and this time I am determined to turn my want into commitment. This morning, I went for a nordicwalk, and repeated to myself that I am committed to getting fit...and I am feeling a change in attitude. I will not give my starting statistics here, but I shall, I hope be giving my losses. There is a Sophrology book in French, specifically about weight loss, and a supporting cd, so the support is there. And I am also working out my own thing. In essence it's about futurisation, and programming my day in advance, two different and complementary techniques.

I'll have to take the camera out with me on my walks, so that I can start to use my own photos, rather than those imaages that I deem to be appropriate, that I have found on the internet...and that will use my creativity!

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