Thursday, 14 May 2009

Comforting the child within.

So much recently has been about this concept; Pam's changing of Brat to Princess, re-reading Eric Berne, the child exercise with Y at sophro, conversations with Mme B.

This has been hugely important for me, because I *did* have a happy childhood, no major traumas, and couldn't/wouldn't accept where there had been issues. The exercises have helped. There were issues, but in the grand scheme of things they were minor. I realise that I took too much on myself, it was not imposed on me from outside. The child within was stifled, and the parent too prevalent. In other words, I was rather bossy! lol By suppressing Kelpie, the natural fun-loving part of me, the Brat came out too often, inappropriately etc.

The sophro exercises give me a chance to make up to that child; and enjoy her now. It's never too late to enjoy the child within!

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