Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Some thoughts on the Happiness Files

Searching for another cartoon I found this one and it is really very appropriate, sonce my preferred choice of moving is nordic walking!

I read a bit late last night; the wonders of 2nd hand books on Amazon, I managed to get a copy of the Happiness Files. I laughed my head off at their tales of their childhood.

I haven't finished (I'm invigilating this afternoon in an exam so I'm taking it with me) but what struck me very forcibly was that Pam and Peggy were writing from their hearts, and their message was more or less that of several other writers today, way after they wrote their book.
1. Part 11 Chapters 2 and 3 : Getting it Together, and Working With Our Assets reminded me of Steven Covey
2. Part 11 Chapter 4: What’s on your mind, reminded me of David Allen.
3. And lots of aspects of sophro, especially in writing things down. Putting things on paper is a

Also, my Princess wanted to read the last chapter…(it wasn’t a thriller so it wasn’t as if I was cheating to find out whodunit)….and I was struck by Peggy’s feelings about faith; “not the blind faith where one sits in a rocking chair and hopes that something good will happen, but faith bold enough to face negatives and keeping moving” That summed up to me a very sophro approach…we can change our own futures, if we concentrate on the positive, and face the negative.

I’ve been doing more physical than sophro exercise, however even walking is a sort of meditation, especially when I repeat my mantra “I am determined to get fit”…not lose weight, but get fit. That is more important, and bigger than losing weight. There again sophro has helped me to get to what is important, by concentrating on the real desire, rather than the perceived one (rather like the give three reasons)

I’m also slipping moving in throughout the day, a minute here and a minute there. It all adds up. And I realised that that is a sort of lesson for either positive or negative thoughts, they all add up to, and make either a positive or a negative weight! Hmm......

And the good news is that I am also feeling a teensy bit fitter....babysteps, babysteps!

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