Sunday, 10 May 2009

A three day weekend

Because the previous weekend we had not had a teacher for one of the days, Y suggested that we had a three day weekend. As the 1st May is a public holiday here in France, that was possible. Funny how things work out.

On the Friday we worked with Y, and particularly on Futurisation....Very useful with the new fitness challenge coming up. I saw myself slim and pretty and K's wedding. I also managed to put longer term projects into my imagination. However, I had a racing heart, which was a distraction. Y explained that my body was "braking" my progress, i.e. I was being my own worst enemy! Goodness what a surprise! When we redid the exercise I was able to really live the Y says, the strength is in the repetition.

One of the interesting things we do is to have 12 projects in each of the short, medium and long terms. The short and medium I can do, the long is harder. When I looked back at the 12 in the short term from last year, I had successfully completed 9 of them, and the others were no longer relevant. And as each project is completed, another should take its place.

Day 2 was with M T and her daughter. First we had fun with the "pushing" exercises....; mind over matter indeed. In the following exercises I was very aware ofmy 3rd system, almost like a splinter. I was also aware of my size! Here I was judging, not very phenomenological!

I had lunch with M T, and she was surprised how I accepted the ex's situation.

In the afternoon, Pandora's box was opened. It came from the end of RDC 2, where we were to make a wish of peace to someone. I was astonished by my reaction. The person to whom I made the wish of peace was not the one I would have imagined, and I ended up bawling. Now, this is a good thing! What sophro does it lets the hidden feelings out, those that we suppress, are scared to acknowledge.....and then what we can do is write a letter. I realise that I have several letters to write, even if none of them are ever sent. It's all about being honest.

Poor LO, that evening I was not good company! There really are times he wonders if it was a good idea, when he sees me in a state. I tell him that at least I am conscious of being in a state, and of why I am in a state. That's progress at least!

Day 3 was with Y again, and I wanted help. Of course, he wouldn't give it to me. The idea is that I can do nothing for the other, and he can do nothing for me i.e. I have to do it for myself. What he did do was to tell me to use my magic wand, and imagine the perfect future, and how my body would really feel in that future.I realised that this crisis was all about me thinking about that imaginary perfect future, wielding my magic wand. Or rather, my problems in allowing myself to fantasize in that way.

In the afternoon, I did a CDR 1 on my own. Non perfect, but the others really lived it. Of course it was to show me that I could put my own negative feeings into a basket and get on with things. A useful lesson. I wondered if Sophrology were a way for me "To Paint Pictures with Words" and I felt proud of myself.

The rest of the day was super, and LO was pleased that evening, when I was happy again!

It also proved, as if proof were needed, that the more I practice, the more positive results I get.

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