Monday, 25 May 2009

Trip to the South, Day I

I moved in the morning, as I carried boxes and boxes of books up one flight of stairs, to the new office. Much of my moving has been related to that!

Although LO arrived early, I wasn't ready, so we didn't get away as early as he had hoped, and I forgot some things. The plus side was that we weren't on the motorway which got completely blocked, in both directions, and were able to take a detour via the small roads. It was really lovely just to be driving through the French countryside, seeing small villages, and the amazing changes in scenery within such a short space of time.

We had intended to get as far as Sete, but instead stopped at a camp side at beside the Pont du Gard. It was too late to visit it in the evening, so we just set up the tent, and had supper on the camp site...not the greatest meal, it was billed as a salad, but was heavier on the charcuterie, and a tad light on the veggies!

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