Sunday, 10 May 2009

Not the best of nights

We had a lovely evening, although I should have taken photos, some of the expressions during the charades were hilarious. The meal went well, two keeper recipes in one day, Caroline's cheese tart for lunch and the chicken and vegetable crumble that I had made in the evening. And there is enough left over for today.

The problems was the night. It was one of those nights where I soaked not just my side of the bed, and I had to go to the other side, with a towel, and then change the sheets this morning. Horrid! Add to that disturbing dreams/nightmares ..... a very strong example of how the imaginary can be as powerful, if not more so, than the real. This morning I realised that the message was hidden. It wasn't really about the ex, but the friends who were in it too, and my feeling that I should be more in touch with them.

However (the but word is forbidden in Sophro lol) Sophro helped me a lot. I finally got to sleep about 2am (we had a great evening as I said, and I needed time to wind down) I needed soprho to relax, and it eventually worked. When I woke at 6 I used relaxation again, plus futurisation (fitter and slimmer for the wedding in the summer) and got back to sleep. When woken by the bad dream I used my memory of a positive event, and my scenery to replace these thoughts with those of my loved one (somehow etre cher in French is so much nicer).

I'm calming down now, I still have to do a sitting up futurisation, normally you're not supposed to do them lying down, but when I am suffering from disturbed sleep, they help so much! The feeling of mild panic is retreating, and I can get on with planning what is left of the day.

Dynamic relaxation is high on the list!

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