Thursday, 14 May 2009

Kelpie v OWE

Discussion between
Own Worst Enemy aka Ms Perfect aka Ms Negativity aka I Told You So aka Ms Self Pity

Ms N: See, you can't keep to your plan, and what happens, you put weight back on!
Kelpie: I knew that Wednesday's figure was really low, and I expected it to go back up again. In any case, I'm still down on the beginning of the week.
OWE: You didn't drink enough water yesterday.
Kelpie: Yes, I know. However, since I was invigilating a national exam I couldn't leave to try to find a loo in a school I don't know. And the upside of that was that I finished the Happiness File, and got to talk to DD2's German teacher who says she's a model student when she thought he didn't like her.
ITYS: But you did have some wine.
Kelpie: In the evening; I enjoyed the moment with friends, and I was still within the same calorie range as the previous two days.
Ms SP: So why can't you just be happy, why are you feeling low? There must be something wrong with you!
Kelpie; Not everyone can be happy all the time, and I'm worried about mum. Also I've just checked the calender. As I suspected it's almost that time of the month, even if I don't always have it! And that always makes me very cranky. DB says he he's never seen anyone as susceptible as me in that way.
OWE: Since you're worried and upset, why don't you just have something to make you better, chocolate usually works? It's good for PMT...the magnesium you know.
Kelpie: I know, but it is only a short fix! I'm trying to go for the long haul.
Ms N: Long haul! You've been a flybaby for how many years now, and you haven't even made up your Control Journal yet, you can't manage to plan and carry out and take things to completion, can you?
Kelpie: Since I'm exercising, I'll soon have more energy, and then I'll be able to do it. The NEWO group and Jonathan are cheering me on, helping me keep to the challenge and not give up this time! The Happiness File has inspired me again. I've spoken to DD1, I've ordered the audio version, as she loves audio books, and we are going to work on the CJ/Happiness File together and with the others in the house. That will show them another way to do things and serve them well in the long term. The house looks loads better than it has in years, and since I'm no longer putting out raging forest files all the time, I can look to fire prevention.
Ms P: But you can't get 3X5 cards in Europe.
Kelpie: So, I'll be creative. I'll use 4X6, and get one of those boxes for photos, and if necessary make the dividers myself.
So what I think I'll do is start the joke and inspiration parts of the Happiness File, try and get a NEWO in this afternoon, when lunch is digested, and just wait it out.
OWE: So what had this got to do with Sophrology, I thought that was your thing at the moment, you can't concentrate on anything can you? A real grasshopper!
Kelpie: It doesn't matter what the label is. In fact the Happiness File says a lot of the same thing, without the scientific words. And it makes me laugh! And Sophro gives me specific exercises to do to help me reach the same point.
Ms SP: Laugh! you really think that you are able to laugh at this point in time. I know that you are on the point of tears...I can see through you!
Kelpie: All the more reason for me to try and look for happy and look on the bright side and to the future! I'll write out my 12 short, medium and long term projects on a card, that's two for the price of one.
Babysteps, I have to accept that I can't do all in one day....

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