Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Being conscious

Driving down to Lyon, I was thinking about my attempt to really do something and find the link between thought and action, and implement it. I have drawn up a Sophro for myself for midday, which basically draws my attention to me being conscious of my actions; what I eat, drink, exercise etc. And I asked myself if that was the real core of Sophrology, being conscious. I have to be conscious if I want to change my state of consciousness. I thought of other ways to express this idea; being aware, being mindful, being there; hence the picture above. I saw the film when it came out, a long time ago, and my memories are more of the idea of being there but not being aware or conscious of what was really going on.

I am currently sitting in the University CafĂ©, eating a sandwich. It is tuna, egg, salad, and quite tasty. However, by doing two things at once, I am less mindful of at least one of them; in this case, eating. Even us multitasking women can’t devote 100% x2!

My goal is to be more conscious, more aware...

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