Sunday, 13 September 2009

Expect the Unexpected

"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley." to quote our national bard.

No, not my diet this time, but I loved the cartoon.

I had planned to spend the day working on my papers for Andorra, having spent yesterday on the house. Things did not go according to plan yesterday. Well, first I slept in (formerly very rare, not so rare now) I wonder if it is less stress that means that I am not living on my nerves, and my body is taking advantage of that, and catching up with my sleep debt. Next, collecting the Clio, but the bill, the length of a short novel, wasn't written up, so that took a lot longer. At 12 we were due to meet friends and now daughter and boyfriend are going to be house-sitting there. A bottle of champagne later, we decided against doing the shopping, but headed home for lunch, so that when she went to work, daughter had some food in her tummy, and not just champagne. A very quick lunch, some sophro, then taking other daughter to get the ingredients for a millionaire's shortbread, then to buy an all in one swimsuit, then to the opera, (written and directed by her drama teacher, with a good friend in the acting role). By the time I got home, made phone calls etc. it was time for bed. DD2's bf's father offered to take her home (the following day), so I thought that I would be able to spend all day working.

At midnight DD1 came in to tell me that DS2 had given up on hitch hiking, having travelled 5kms in one day, and they were coming by train the next day, so I'll have to go and pick them up. Then at 6.45am or so she woke me again to ask for a lift to work, her bf is choked with the cold. No, not swine flu, just the cold. During the night I had felt my sinuses filling up, but I'm not as bad as him. So taxi day for me today.

With some writing inbetween, and tidying, and maybe I shouldn't be blogging, but I'm up early!

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