Saturday, 10 October 2009

Feeling a far cry from Thursa

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My elder sister's bithday, last week, and her husband went off to Afghanistan as a medic. We've spoken a few times, and it is good to be back in proper touch with her. I perused my brother's flikr album, and found this formal shot of the three of us when we were little. There is another one with our parents and our baby brother.....
I don't know if it is the cold I've had for a week, or my age, or SAD, or just maudlin, but I'm not feeling 100%....not sure if I'm even feeling 50% lol
Yesterday I was on my own, all the kids away doing other things, and it came to me that is how it will be next year. Rattling around like a pea in a pod, in this big house all by myself.
And having been sick, I've been rereading some books that have helped in the past, and some more on sophrology. There is only one conclusion to be drawn. In order to try to reach that serenity that I am aiming for, I have to get some serious sophrology practice in my life, to start walking the walk, figuratively as well as literally.
But just at the moment, I feel a long way from my roots.......

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