Monday, 22 March 2010

Last week, French television showed a rather frightening experiment. You can read about the Game of Death here and here

I used this as a teaching tool. We looked at the excerpts on youtube, and everyone was suitably horrified. I felt that some of the comments in the press didn't go far enough. "we need to teach to teach children to disobey"? Sorry, we have lots of children who disobey, who have no respect for "authority" Yes, authority gets it wrong. Yes, TV should not be authority. But neither should a gang boss. Neither should a terrorist. Neither should a religious fanatic. Neither should a .........................We need to teach children to chose wisely who they should obey and who they should disobey. And it should be their choice not ours. We get it wrong too.

I spoke earlier about Steven Covey' 8th habit, and I went back to his 7 habits, and brought that into class. It was clear that the people in the programme had lost their "true north" their real values. We discussed all of that.

And then, the girl who had to present habit 7, sharpen the saw, came up with something so simple and yet so mindbending. In the 7th habit, amongst other things, you look at what you should be doing in the following fields, physical, spiritual, mental and social. She said, that you had to get the physical in line first, be healthy, before you could tackle the rest. I added that you had to respect yourself, or it was difficult to respect others. She said that those were the words she had been looking for.

Soooo, the £64000 question, appropriately also from the TV (or not). Do you respect yourself?

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