Tuesday, 2 March 2010

J and K

The letter J has an interesting history. Prior to medieval times, it was used to represent the consonant /i/ and was pronounced as /y/. So, a word like "iest" later transformed to "jest". The letter J did not exist in ancient Latin and was later introduced to the alphabet near the end of the medieval era. Today, calligraphers have a field day writing the letter. There are many ways and styles the letter can be represented, especially with its umbrella hook at the end. source www.yourdictionary.com

Yes, J is not the easiest of letters. I could simply say that I am Janet, that being one of my middle names, but that is possibley cheating.

And I am going to continue to cheat, by using "La Jocunda" and her famous smile, simply because she is lovely to look at.

It's my blog, and I can if I want to...

I am going to be jovial and jubilant and joyful and jingly and jiggly

and jolly and jokey and jazzy and jumping jacks

Watch out for the jiggly.

I am kind of kind
and possibly even one of a kind, and I am going to be knowing and keen and kissable and kickass and kooky and

a knock out

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