Monday, 1 March 2010

G to I

I am gregarious!, that is to say fond of the company of others; sociable Well, a lot of the time. Here I think I'd be trying to chat with the introverts.
And I am going to be glorious and great and gorgeous and golden and generous and glowing and glittery and graceful!

I am helpful
although it won't be long til I'm the one with the cane. I am going to be happy and hardy and humane and heroic and humane and healthy
and also HOT

Nope, that I am at the moment, I am going to be this kind!

I am inspirational. I know that I have inspired some of my students, and helped them to look at things in different ways
I've also had it explained that often we're good at teaching things we're not that good at putting into practice! Do as I say, not as I do. I am also intelligent, and I am going to use that intelligence to achieve my goals.

I am going to be immaculate and incredible and interesting and independent and impressive and intriguing

And I am having a lot of fun finding the illustrations.....some trickier letters coming up soon though!

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