Sunday, 7 February 2010

Musings from the perimenopause part 1

So first think, what classification should this blog be.....

there shall be some references to sex so if you might be offended, please go no further

but as they will all be in soft focus,

they should not give offence.

The menopause is defined as 12 months without menses (ok, using grown up words here, but still shouldn't give rise to an 18 classification) and I thought that I was half way through. Until today. I wanted to be half way through, as that would have meant that next summers time on the beach romping in the waves could have been really without concerns (Ahhhhhh too much detail, even with soft filters, we do not want to know)

Ok, this should calm things down....fully clothed after all

Now, a bit of history. I met my partner, Jacques, through the internet 9 years ago. We fell in love before meeting (cue aw shucks, violins etc) and when we met, he said that he would have loved me whatever my weight. However, he did also say that had I been 80 kgs, he would have enouraged me to diet, for my health, and for my self respect. I think I was around 59 kgs at the time, and the idea of being 80 was incredible to me. (Buzz Aldwin, "over to you Mrs Robinson")

Whenever I got to around 63/64kgs I would react, and things would sort themselves out. Untill 2007 that is, when various things happened, including the real beginning of the dratted perimenopause.

Now, you would have thought that sweating so much dring the night that "one" had to first change sides, and then change the sheets, and even then in the morning "one" looked as if "one" had already been in the shower as "one" dragged "oneself" out of bed, "one" would lose weight, at least through water. But no, the opposite was true. The scales just continued to creep up and up

and standing on one foot didn't fool anybody!

So end of part one, time for me to sleep, those who are strong in heart can follow the next part (soft focus and all)

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