Friday, 26 February 2010

Bucked up

I have not been feeling so great the last few days, and needing to be bucked up, which to paraphrase one of my favourite author's, Terry Pratchet, is several letters away in the alphabet from how I am actually feeling. (No illustration)

And that got me thinking of alphabets; and the minister's cat!

and how I play it with my classes (of young adults) as the teacher's cat, and why shouldn't it be the teacher herself. However, only positive, what I am and what I am going to be! I reflected along this idea on the way home from work, and I will start my very own abc now...only part of the alphabet, because I do enjoy finding appropriate illustrations! And if any readers want to comment, start their own, please share!

So, A...oh, and one more thing (yes, I am like this in real life, you mean that tangents aren't straight?) I also saw a quote today The words 'I am...' are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.
A. L. Kitselman.....
So what I shall be saying is "I am...." and claiming it. And then "I am going to be......" positive thinking.

I am able.....

This tickled my fancy, because of the link with my own profession, however I am able because
I have brought up four children on my own
I have forged a second career for myself
I am well assimilated in a foreign country
I have found love
to name but a few!

I am also "articulate" (even with the tangents) "avid" (I love learning) "adaptable" (elastic even lol) "aware" (even if I haven't always taken the final step)

And I am going to be "attractive" and "athletic" and "agile" and "amazing" and "adorable" and "awesome"

In the car, when I got to "B" I couldn't think of a positive that I am actually at the moment. I carried on with the letters of the alphabet. However, I did manage to find a B; it isn't very feminine, but then I'm not always very feminine. It was ballsy...the illustrations are perhaps not suitable. however, I came up with a synonym...bold! And when I typed in "to boldly split infinitives" look what I found

just a tad ironic, as I live in France.

When I looked at the "B" adjectives, I could see why I had originally had a problem, lots of them are "B" rated. However, I am also "British" "brave" (this is on a percentage, if it measures at all) "bubbly" (not just the champagne) "brunette" (with the help of M. L'oreal et al) and "bright (not quite stupid, cf brave)

I am going to be "beautiful" "blissful" "braver" "beaming" and maybe "barefoot"!

Now we come to "C". I have 4, my four C's, my children, my past present and future all rolled into one. C had a particular resonance for me.

So what kind of C am I? I am caring, and I couldn't resist this image. When my third C, Calder, was born, when the first two came to the hospital, he had a present for each of them, a care bear? And how Carrick and Charlotte loved those care bears. So for my C, that seems do appropriate

So the "C"s compassionate (same difference) "conscious" (sophrology and all that) "cheerful" (hmm, quite a lot of people would dispute that at the moment, me included!) "charming" (less dispute)

So I am going to be "confident" (really, and not just how people see me), "cool" (well, here's hoping) "courageous" (ditto with confident) and above all "calm"

Maybe that's not bad for a start?

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