Monday, 15 February 2010

More musings

Ok we had the introduction, and now down to the nitty gritty....

I've been thinking about how society views the menopause, and menopausal women; and by extension how we do ourselves.

But first we have to think about bodies, our own bodies, how we see them

and what they are really intended for

What is the menopause all about? Hormones! (incidentally, the name of my late brothers first band; punk of course circa 1978. I was the road manager...the only one with a driving licence. My ex was their manager....the only one with a suit)

Hormones, hmm, feeling the shift at the moment. When you start to look into them they play a huge unacknowledged part in our lives. not just the reproductive stuff, important that that may me, but also lots of other things....check out this link
So hormones are more than just sex..... they are also about growth; mood, appetite, sleep (serotonin, another blog an another time) ......and lots of other things.

Sooo, what does the menopause mean for me and many other women. NO MORE BABIES! Why should that be a problem. After all, the contraceptive industry is huge, to prevent us becoming so.

And if I had been hoping for a bit more liberation on the beach come the summer, than there were certain practical elements in question (if you are old enough to follow my convoluted explanation, then ok, 18 classification!) (and maybe too much detail) Why should I mourn a part of me that I have been actively suppressing for years? And yet, and yet..... that part of me is going to be suppressed, without my input...and it is not the same for men. yes, I mourn my fertility, but that is only one part of the equation. What does the menopause mean?

Well not a lot actually. Some women sail through, others are laid low. I'm in the middle. My best friend some of the time is as follows. This

and not this

And sorry chaps, that old friend fatigue is knocking at the door

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