Friday, 13 February 2009

The first weekend

The first weekend at the Sophrocentre was not exactly as either My LO or I had envisaged. His idea was for a way for me to learn to slow down. What I found was that the course was to teach me to be a Sophrologist. And from the very first day I was hooked.

We were invited to friends to eat on the Saturday, and I could not stop talking.... well that is nothing knew anyway. What I remember is seeing these other women, all younger, who had an active calm, and I wanted that too. I had seen *calm* people in the past, but many of them seemed to be missing a certain oomph, and these ladies had it. LO was not exactly disappointed, but surprised...and the more he saw my enthusiasm, the happier he was. As he says, I have the soul of a teacher, so this was really my thing.

One of the things that has been my bĂȘte noir ever since surfaced that first day... my problems with my third system, my sternum. This represents the affective, the emotional....why am I not surprised? When doing one of the exercises I had the most incredible pain, like really bad indigestion, I was bent double. My co-learners are now very used to the sound of my burping through the exercises. I try not to be embarrassed, but it is not easy. It has got a lot better now, but not yet completely over.

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